Expedited Services

Dependable Expedited Freight Services nationwide underlined by our years of experience, by adopting our versatile Expedited Freight service, you gain access to a network of trained drivers, excellent customer service, numerous transportation options and much more. Our vast network means the ideal ground or air expedite solution is nearby and we can have your freight in motion as rapidly as you require

With diverse transportation capabilities and versatile solutions we can tailor to your needs, Expedited Freight is your partner in fast and reliable logistics across the nation

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  • Did you know that sending parcels via courier service usually requires more careful packaging than you’d use if you were packaging your items for a house move?
  • All the documentation you’ll need for your delivery will be produced automatically for you from the information you enter during the booking process. All parcels have to be labeled with a barcoded document detailing the address details of sender and receiver – this is called a Shipping Label or Airway Bill. In addition, if you’re sending a parcel outside of the European Union, it will be subject to customs clearance and therefore must be accompanied by a document called a Customs Invoice.
  • Most items can be sent by courier, but there are some exceptions that you might find surprising! Perfume, aftershave, and aerosols of any kind are prohibited, for example, and restrictions apply to certain electronic devices such as laptops.